How to check Product saturation and competition over Daraz market?

We have a common issue, one product is tracked by a VA and he will start selling it in PKR 1000/- to almost infinite many people.  Yes, there is always other side of picture. What you are buying is legit to invest? What you are tracking is not a high bleed niche.

Either you are tracking yourself or hired a VA or buying a product from market. You always better to input some effort as,

  • Goto Daraz and search primary keyword without any filters. It will give you right trend in your areas, repeat the same process in incognito mode to double check the results.
  • Check Prices from sellers and their consistency, if same bundle and same size is being sold in different prices (non practical difference) it means blood bath is there. Avoid it.
  • Check number of reviews to estimate age of seller. Reviews and rating are different thing keep this in
  • mind. You need to take average of reviews on page so estimate your giveaways. Launch budget estimation
  • Check what is average rating on page one. Normally we don’t go with rating below 4 (varies from category
  • to category). Hint of saturation or high returns.

Mostly missed points

  • Check number of variants (not colors/size). Daraz treat variant and colors/size differently.
  • Check brand being sold (seller name and brand are different things). Is it the PL or some general brand. In the case of some famous niche like clothing and mobile accessories you might J. being sold by seller A,B,C. Mubarak ho you also have chance to do whole selling 😊
  •  Do check how many FBD and dMall sellers are there at page one. Not overall. As your target is position at page 1 only.
  • If you are lucky to find a niche selling well and not saturated yet. It means your product is being sourced from China. Always check the seller country. It will give you hint about competition and chances.
  • Always track your product for 15 days. Never less, as mostly sales are for 1 week at Daraz. You might got wrong idea of sales if you tracked it in that sales week eg flash sales

All above step are very critical and important. So always perform it with care and fully focused. 

DarazToolkit Extension

is a quickest and easiest way to perform all these competition analysis and market saturation analysis over a single click. you will simply search your product over Daraz and click over Analyze button of extension to see the results. 

Daraz product Hunting Tool