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Rightful use Joker Rank over Daraz.

As we all know, joker rank is a one of the tools from DarazToolkit which helps you to accelerate your ranking process over Daraz at amazing speed. But, using it right is important to get most out of it. There are users praising it but must read the following to know this tool in detail.


Term super URL for Daraz is introduced by Joker Rank to maximize your visitor always try to show more than one product of same niche from your store in super URL. It will automatically increase your visitor’s/search footprint for most of your products. In short, you are ranking parallel keywords for patroller products


Joker insights gives you idea of your audience attributes. Like when they landed during the day, what device they used and what browser was used. These insights helps you to optimize your social media campaigns. Always preview your ads on device and OS being used by your visitors.


Your first 2 weeks over Daraz are the most important. Always try to run parallel campaigns over multiple platforms like Facebook ads, Insta ads, WhatsApp groups or other influencer platforms. Joker rank will give you maximum possible results during this time.


visitor source let you know from where your audience is landing. means if you are running parallel campaigns (even using single Joker Rank link) over different platforms. It will let you know the share of your audience from each of your campaign. Early optimization of campaigns will help you to know your customer land better.
PS: Never ever leave your foot prints at Daraz if trying to do super URL stuff manually. it super dangerous to get detected.

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