Tips to Increase Sales on daraz Through Daraz Toolkit

The increase of Daraz business and demand for Daraz product hunting tools in Pakistan is high all year round! With the increasing expansion of e-commerce, online businesses have been making their way as the next best alternative when it comes to shopping or Daraz selling. Tracking Daraz product info is important for small business owners and operators of small to medium scale enterprises who are focused on online Daraz sales and aiming to increase profits and sales.

Here Are Some of the Best Tips to get more sales on Daraz through Daraz Toolkit

1. Add Your Daraz Products on Daraz Toolkit:

When it comes to selling online, the biggest cash point is how thoroughly the product is listed. 

Therefore, it is important that you list your daraz products on your online shop with thorough details and keep it up to date.

2. Make Sure That Your Listing Is Ranked on Page 1:

People visit Daraz and search for their desired products. Each Daraz search brings multiple products as search results on page 1 ranking. Buyers usually stick to page no.1 and do not explore the next pages. So it’s important that your product listing rank on page 1.  

3. Promote Your Listed Daraz Through External Traffic:

To get your listing on page no.1, you must promote your listed daraz product through external traffic. You need proper keyword research on Daraz to identify the main keywords people are searching for. Your product title, description, and about points should be well optimized to help you rank on your high search volume and targeted keywords.

4. Use Super URL:

Many daraz sellers just use their product listing URL for social media ads and for external traffic but to get the best results you should use the daraz super URL. Because daraz is not sure how many keSuper URLywords it needs to rank your products so it decides the ranking strategy on its own. This way, you might miss the important keywords for ranking.

So use Super URL. Super URL helps you rank your products on multiple keywords of your choice. 

Follow these easy steps and you will see a drastic increase in your daraz product performance and sales.