Add Daraz Product to Track in 4 Easy Steps
Daraz Product

How to Add Daraz Product in 4 Easy Steps | Daraz Toolkit

Daraz Toolkit ‚Äčis the leading daraz product hunting tool for daraz sellers. The daraz seller can easily track their winning daraz products with the analytics of season trends, profit estimations, competition analysis, and much more with the help of the Daraz Toolkit. 

To add daraz products follow these steps

1. Log in to your daraz toolkit.

2. Go add product in the top left side

3. To add a new product, click on +icon on the top right side.

4. Add product details and click on SAVE Button.

Note: All your edits will take 24 hours to reflect in your Daraz Product Hunting Tool.

You can also delete any daraz product from your daraz toolkit by clicking on the Bin icon.