How To Determine If Daraz Seller Picks Impact Your Algorithm Search Rank?

What Is Daraz Seller Picks?

Daraz Seller Picks is an essential tool for sellers on the Daraz platform, helping them improve the visibility of their SKUs and attract more customers. The tool is completely free and designed to empower sellers by enhancing the quality of their SKUs in two significant areas: product SERPs and advertising.

As mentioned earlier, SKUs are displayed at the bottom of the SERPs page on the web and at the top of the SERPs page in the mobile app. This is an important aspect of Seller Picks as it ensures that sellers’ products are visible to customers who search for relevant keywords.

Moreover, when a customer searches for a specific product on Daraz, the results that are displayed on the first page are more likely to be viewed and purchased by customers. With Seller Picks, even if a product’s ranking is low, it can still be displayed on the first page of the SERP.

For instance, if a seller’s product is not displayed on the first page when searching for a particular keyword such as “Balcava,” Seller Picks can improve the product’s ranking and display it on the first page. This increased visibility can lead to a higher number of clicks and conversions, which ultimately results in increased sales for the seller.

Daraz product Hunting Tool

What this basically means is that you will be choosing products that you want to improve in Daraz Seller Picks. And then the selected SKUs will experience an increase in advertising and search visibility which inevitably boosts sales. 

Even though it’s a free tool, it is not openly available for everyone, only for sellers who are eligible. And the criteria are as follows:

  • A seller rating of at least 70%
  • A minimum of three live SKUs
  • 85% chat response rate
  • Daraz store should have been decorated using Store Builder

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