How To Contact a Seller on Daraz

Contact a Seller

Step 1: Find the seller’s profile

When you find a product you’re interested in buying, look for the seller’s name and profile. This information is usually listed under the product description. From the seller’s profile, you can access their contact information, including their email address and phone number.

Step 2: Use the Daraz chat feature

Step 3: Ask your questions

When you’re ready to start a conversation, be clear and concise with your questions. Remember to be polite and respectful in your language and tone, as this will help you get the best response from the seller. If you’re asking about the product, provide as much detail as possible, such as the product name and the item number. If you have any specific requests, be sure to mention them as well.

Step 4: Wait for a response

Once you’ve sent your message, be patient and wait for a response from the seller. Depending on their availability, it may take a few hours or even a few days for them to get back to you. If you don’t hear back from the seller within a reasonable amount of time, you can send another message or consider reaching out to Daraz customer support.


contact a seller on Daraz is a straightforward process that can help you get the information you need before making a purchase. Whether you’re using the chat feature or sending an email, be sure to ask clear, concise questions and be patient while waiting for a response. Happy shopping!